Sunday, May 11, 2008

To get to know the true me, I have enlisted the help of my friend so you can hear from her perspective what i'm here is what my friend katie thinks....."Alli is a great friend and is alot to handle, but don't worry boys she is easy to tame ;-) All in all she is very honest, sexy, trustyworthy and would take the shirt off (wink wink) her back for any of her friends. She has recently been to Africa and since returning she cannot wait to take off on her next adventure. We are lucky if she stays in the city on the weekend, cause she loves to send her time in the mountains camping, skinny dipping, snowboarding and hiking. She is a nurse and works strange hours, but she loves her job and is so caring and compassionate with her patients it worth it....She has a wicked sense of humour and has a great way of making everyone smile :) I think whoever gets her will be a very lucky guy. Not only that she is very open with her sexuality as she is a big fan of tantric sex and needs to date someone who is as open and sexual as her"...let the race begin!!!